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This Is Football 2002

This Is Football (known in North America as World Tour Soccer) is a football video game series that was originally developed by Team Soho until they were merged into London Studio for the next five games. Sports Director Limited took over developing the latest game.

This Is Football 2002

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This Is Football 2002, known as World Tour Soccer 2002 in North America, is an association football video game developed by Team Soho and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe and 989 Sports in North America exclusively for PlayStation 2. It is the first to be released on the PlayStation 2.[1] The British version of the game featured the Leeds United and England national football team defender Rio Ferdinand on the cover.[2]

This Is Football 2002 was licensed by FIFPro. While this meant all players in the game were licensed, the teams were not, with most of them being referred to by their hometown or other indicative names, such as Arsenal and Juventus being listed in the game as "Highbury" and "Turin" respectively.[3] The game introduced a number of features unique to football games at the time, such as being able to make players deliberately dive (a feature described at the time as controversial).[4] It also granted players the opportunity to deliberately foul with two-footed tackles.[2]

The BBC praised This Is Football 2002 for its unique gameplay features such as the deliberate dives but stated that the tactics and AI was poor compared to the FIFA and PES series.[4] Wales on Sunday likewise praised the detail of players and stadiums but criticized it for being similar to previous football games.[7] IGN gave it a 8.1/10 review praising its gameplay and graphics but criticised the sound effects of the crowd.[6] The majority of reviews put the majority of the negatives down to the developers' inexperience of making football games compared to the longer-running rival franchises.[6][4][7] Copa90 named it as one of their top 10 football games in history.[2]

Every football fan has memories of those days as a teenager, a student, or some other period of ridiculously low productivity when minutes turned into hours and hours into days sat in front of a PlayStation 2 battling your mates in the latest and greatest football game.

PES and FIFA were no doubt the big boys, but there were a number of efforts which ran them quite close. This Is Football first appeared on PlayStation in 1999, but it wasn't until its debut on PS2 in 2001 that it really started to shine, and maybe for a few years could have been argued a title contender in the fiercely contested football game charts.

The peak of This Is Football's success as a series was no doubt the first two iterations on the Sony PlayStation 2, which were TIF 2002 and TIF 2003. At this time the main competition in the football game world came from Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2, and then 3, and EA Sports' FIFA 2001 and 2002.

Pro Evolution Soccer exploded on the release of PES 4, which many believe to be the best football game ever, and FIFA had stagnated from the glory days of '98 and '99 to the point that gamers were growing sick of the FIFA experience, so many avid football gamers were looking for something to fill the void, and this is no doubt why a majority of its player base decided to give This Is Football a crack.

This Is Football was officially licensed by FIFPro, which meant that every club team in the game had the proper names for all its players, but this did not cover kits and badges, the defaults for which were hilariously basic. As a result, Sony offered a ridiculous amount of customisation for team kits, providing all the options for every team's kit, to re-create as you wished.

In 2002, Rio Ferdinand was the cover boy for the TIF series' first voyage on PS2, but in 2003 the franchise decided to offer different covers for different markets. Alessandro Nesta was on the Italian cover, Michael Ballack on the German one, and for some reason, Kieron Dyer was on the UK cover, but those of us who bought the game on Irish soil were treated to a wide-eyed Robbie Keane having just equalised against Germany.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for This is Football 2002 for PlayStation 2. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it.

Imagine a football game where you could dive, two foot the goalkeeper and play a classic Manchester United team featuring George Best, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law. Yes such a game did indeed exist in the form of This is Football.

When Sony decided to challenge the hegemony of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer in December 1999, few held out much hope. Even then the two games had established themselves as THE must have football games and it seemed that nothing could be done to change it.

This is Football 2002 erschien 2001 für die PlayStation 2. Auf dem Cover ist Mehmet Scholl abgebildet. Das Spiel verfügt über 800 originale Spielernamen, außerdem kann man in einem Karrieremodus seine eigene Mannschaft erstellen und mit dieser in höheren Ligen spielen.

Auf dem Cover von This is Football 2003 ist Michael Ballack abgebildet, als er bei der Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2002 ein Tor bejubelt. Da This is Football 2003 in ganz Europa mehr als 400.000 mal verkauft wurde, erschien eine Platinum-Version des Spiels. Häufiger Kritikpunkt sind die langen und häufigen Ladezeiten.

Released as This Is Football 2002 in Europe, World Tour Soccer 2002 features over 300 international and club teams as well as 5,000 authentic players. Game modes include Quick Game, where teams are automatically selected, Exhibition, and three styles of competitions: National Season, Special Competition, and International Competition. Players also have the option to edit existing teams or create new ones, customizing uniforms, team names, flags, and players.

International Competition follows a similar format to the other two competitions, only this time the tournaments are for the right to win Euro and America Cups. Once the game begins, players can further adjust various options, such as whether or not fouls are called, the type of referee (fair, strict, or blind), draw ruling (tie or sudden death), injuries, offsides as well as time of day and weather conditions for stadiums. British announcer Peter Drury calls the action from the booth as players compete on the field.

TIF: This Is Football 2002 PAL for Sony Playstation 2/PS2 by Sony (SCES 50244). 2002 football game that has a rating of 8.1/10 on the IGN website. In case with inlay but no instructions. DVD has minor scratching but plays fine. Tested and working.

Team Soho is a games company based in Soho, London. The company released The Getaway in 2002, which is arguably one of the most notable of their releases. After the release of the original The Getaway, the company was merged with Team Camden to make SCEE Studio Soho. However, the company retained the Team Soho branding for some of their games, such as The Getaway: Black Monday and Gangs of London.

Everett may have damaged his spine in the way he dove in for his tackle, with a move known as spearing, in which a player contacts his opponent head first. Because the head and spine are aligned, in this position the spine tends to bear the brunt of the blow, which is why the National Collegiate Athletic Association banned spear tackling in 1976. Beginning in grade school, players are now taught to keep their head up during a tackle, and a sign reminding players to "SEE WHAT YOU HIT!" hangs in every NFL locker room. "I played 20 years ago in high school, and my coaches really pounded home the need for good form, to keep the head up to maintain the curvature of the head and spine to dissipate any forces from impact," says Andrew Sama, M.D., spinal surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. "But everything happens so fast on the field, all it takes is a tiny change in head position to get you in trouble."

Regarding the comment on the Super Bowl in "Two teams, two tales, and the meaning of it all" (Jan. 29) which states, "This isn't the Tour de France. This isn't bicycling in lycra through the countryside. This is football. American football."

QUESTION: Yeah. You know, I've got to tell you, I don't know a lot about your life story and I know that you have outside interests and it's very therapeutic obviously for you. Another passion of yours, of course, is football.

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