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Silicon Image Sata Raid Driver

i added a 4x sata pci card with a silicon image 3114 chip, but the disks connected to that controller are not recognized by linux, although the controller itself is recognized and the appropriate driver is used.

silicon image sata raid driver

Mine came from here -image-4-port-sata-pci-expansion-card-4660 - but that was about 3 years ago. It's likely to be a different version than the one that I got. It might work, but it might not. There's no way of knowing how compatible any particular version of the SIL3114 card will be.

If you experience a boot failure after kernel update where the boot process is unable to determine major/minor number of root device, this might just be a timing problem (i.e. dmraid -ay might be called before /dev/sd* is fully set up and detected). This can effect both the normal and LTS kernel images. Booting the 'Fallback' kernel image should work. The error will look something like this:

it found dawicontrol dc-154 raid controller driver for the card, this installed without any issue and removed the ! icon from system > rebooted and once in windows the two new drives are still not showing

I have an old SS7 machine that I put a SIl3512 card in. Linux likes it. Even DOS likes it.Win98 only kind-of likes it. It sees the DOS BIOS extension (int 13) and goes into MS-DOS compatibility mode filesystem. Read speeds are fine! The built-in DOS BIOS driver lets Windows 98 read at over 30 MB/sec. (I know the theoretical max is 60 MB/sec, but UDMA never worked on this machine properly, and 30 MB is fast for me on this particular computer.)Writing sucks bad: Write speed are 3-4 MB a second, and the mouse freezes when writing: Probably something about going into compatibility mode. ( I don't know WHY there is a such a difference between read and write speed, since read must also drop down into DOS; maybe when writing it does an extra step like flush some hardware buffer or something.)I have the Syba version of the card, but on their site, the Syba download (Which clains to be WIN98) doesn't actually have a $Chicago$ Driver in the inf file, just NT/2000/XP/7. Windows 98 recognizes the INF, and uses it to give a name to the controller (Instead of the question mark icon, it says it a scsi controller, assigns interrupt and IO space, but then also says 'no driver files are needed or installed'),and it still insists the 'D' drive is in DOS compatibility mode. The card is a RAID card, but there's only 1 disk: Maybe this driver just enables the softraid feature I'm not using.When I find the older 3112 drivers, they have the vxd file for win98. That is what I want for the 3512. I found links to files that 'work great' on win98 on a couple forums (Even one on this one!), but the direct link to Silicon Image is broken. Lattice took them over, and their 'Silicon Image file archive' seems very incomplete: There's no 3512 files I can find at all.Any help would be appreciated:- Locate correct 3512 drivers and BIOS image for WIn98 usageOR- How to improve WRITE performance on MS-DOS compatibility mode to match the already fast READ performance in compatibility mode.Thanks!Not all is lost: I can still boot on my CF card, and keep game data directories on the SATA drive. Savegame files aren't that big; its mostly a read-only drive.

Put card in my socket 939 computer. That PC already has a PCIE sata card. The PCIE Rom runs, and the broken PCI card is skipped. Windows XP boots. I suppose I should thank the lazy programmer that only executes 1 option rom! Win xp finds a new PCI disk controller it never saw before. The windows version of the flash utility claims it can't find the controller, no doubt it is probably trying to look for the now-bricked Rom image.

I think booting off CF will be my configuratuon. I can swap CF cards quite easily, and the whole real point of the sata ssd was 1) to see if it would work and 2) no more spinning PATA drives to fail. Swap CF will let me boot different OS or configuration ( try a video card swap, etc) without messing with the fragile win98 driver mess. I MOVED my USB card to another slot, and now it can't find the driver. I have to dig up my old installer file now.

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