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Buy Lakers Tickets

The NBA confirms its schedule well in advance, so LA fans can snag Lakers tickets whenever they want! While you can purchase tickets directly from the NBA, you'll likely find a better deal on a ticket marketplace like Gametime. If you're looking for cheap last-minute LA Lakers tickets, you're in the right place!

buy lakers tickets

If you are looking for tickets for a Los Angeles Lakers game, you have many options to choose from, including buying from the team. But what about at arena? Can you buy Lakers tickets at the arena gates?

Buying NBA tickets online can help simplify the process and remove some of the risks and annoyances that come from buying tickets at the arena. In this article we discuss how to buy tickets at Arena for Los Angeles Lakers games, and what your other options might be.

Yes, as we discussed earlier, you can buy Los Angeles Lakers tickets at the arena, but only as long as supplies last. Because many NBA games sell-out, it is best to purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

The main ticket office at Arena is located on the north side of the arena off of Chick Hearn Court, just west of the intersection of 11th and Figueroa (view this area). If you would rather purchase tickets online, this is where you can learn more about how you buy Lakers tickets directly from the team.

It is important to understand, if you are hoping to walkup and buy Lakers tickets at Arena for a game that same day, there may not be tickets available if the game is already sold out. Checking availability prior to the game is advised (or purchase your tickets online instead of waiting to buy at the arena).

It may seem like buying Lakers tickets at Arena would be the cheapest place you can buy tickets, but this is not necessarily always true. In fact, there are various situations where buying tickets at the arena may be more expensive.

If you are looking for Lakers tickets on the same day of the game, many online ticket brokers, like StubHub and Vivid Seats, may reduce the price of tickets the closer it gets to game time. Ticket brokers and fans selling their tickets will want to try and get tickets sold, which might mean a reduced price near game-time.

Remember, as of this year, the Los Angeles Lakers use digital tickets. That means your tickets will be delivered to your mobile device, which will then be scanned at the gate. Downloading the Los Angeles Lakers mobile app is helpful. This is where you can learn more.

I personally like to use Vivid Seats and I like the fact that they show me my view from the seat prior to purchase. Click here to view Los Angeles Lakers tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to

Los Angeles Lakers tickets are now digital. If you have specific will call needs, it would be best to reach out to the ticket office and let them advise you. This is where you can see the contact information for the Los Angeles Lakers and Arena.

Many teams in the NBA have built up a waiting list of multiple years, with the Lakers being near the top in terms of waiting list length. Regardless of the waiting period, signing up for the waitlist is always the first step in the process and we urge fans to sign up! For Los Angeles Lakers season tickets, this preliminary step is a requirement.

Signing up for the Lakers season ticket wait list is actually pretty simple. Select your team from the NBA season tickets section and select your preferred team, in this case the Lakers. After reaching the landing page of the Lakers waitlist, you can lock in your spot for $100 per seat and up to 4 seats.

For more information on LA Lakers season tickets, feel free to email Justin Aguilera at or by phone at (310) 426-6034. The site also includes a way for you to mail your deposit. For a full list of Lakers season ticket reps, click here.

In terms of financing your season tickets, the Lakers are on the more season ticket holder friendly end of the spectrum. The Los Angeles Lakers season ticket cost is quite reasonable , and the ticket resale value is one of the strongest in the NBA. That combination makes owning Lakers season tickets very attractive, which speaks to why the Lakers waiting list is so long.

If you follow all our best practices of selling tickets you should make money on the regular season, which is not a given for most NBA teams. If the Lakers do make the playoffs, there is no hotter ticket in Los Angeles than a Laker playoff game. Selling some playoff games can help offset a sizeable chunk of your season ticket cost. Best-case scenarios for resale would be a playoff matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, or Brooklyn Nets.

Sell tickets as close to the NBA schedule release as possible in order to subsidize the cost of the season ticket package and to maximize your resale value. To learn more about best practices of ticket resale, check out our article: 4 Tips To Managing Your Season Tickets. Just realize that ticket resale is extremely time intensive and takes years of experience to master. So if you are rookie season ticket holder, plan ahead in order to minimize the inevitable rookie mistakes.

Premium Level A Suites are the first (lowest) of three suite levels at the Arena. For most events, suites will include 12-18 tickets. Select suites will come with VIP parking passes. Premium in-suite catering options are available to purchase in advance at an additional cost. Level A suites are typically the most coveted suite options.

Premium Level B suites are located on the second of three suite levels at Arena. For most events, suites will include 12-18 tickets. Select suites will come with VIP parking passes. Premium in-suite catering options are available to purchase in advance at an additional cost.

Premium Level C Suites are the highest of three suite levels at the Arena. For most events, suites will include 12-18 tickets. Select suites will come with VIP parking passes. Premium in-suite catering options are available to purchase in advance at an additional cost. Level C Suites typically offer the most affordable suite options at Arena.

All luxury suite tickets will include access to the exclusive San Manuel Club. The San Manuel Club is a high end bar and restaurant just for private suite ticket holders. Located on Delta Suite Level A, The San Manuel Club has many food options, a full bar, and 15 flat screen TVs. The San Manuel Club offers reservations. In addition, most suite ticket holders can access the exclusive Hyde Lounge at Staples Center, located on the C Level of Suites. This club has the feel of an LA Night Club with a view of world class sporting events and concerts. A select few suites also provide 4 tickets to the Lexus Club, where guests can make a dinner reservation for white table cloth dining in advance of your event.

With regular tickets, prices will often drop in the days leading up to a game. While every once in a while the same occurs with suites, in general, pricing does not drop before the game. In fact, because of the very limited availability of luxury suites, it is advised to book a suite well in advance, as suites are often not available at the last minute. In addition, in coordinating events for larger groups (suites can hold up to 20 guests or more), it is often necessary to give guests a longer lead time to confirm their availability to attend.

Walk-ins: LLU Students and LLUH Employees may walk in during operating service hours and will be assisted upon availability. Visits are estimated at 5-15 minutes, depending on the number of tickets requested and/or if a reservation is required. Length of visits increase during LLU registration periods.

For after-hour inquiries, please email with your name, phone number, which tickets you are interested in, and which day(s) and time(s) you would like to schedule your appointment (this does not guarantee that your preferred date and time is available). The Discount Ticket Manager will contact you as soon as possible to finalize your appointment.

For Special Events: Reserved tickets will be held until the end of the following business day from your scheduled appointment. Tickets that are not purchased within the provided time frame will be put back on sale, unless you have contacted Student Experience within the allotted time to reschedule. Tickets are not guaranteed to beavailable once placed back on sale.

Attention: The use of discount tickets purchased from the Office of Student Experience is an acknowledgement that the guest(s) are aware of the known risks to possible COVID exposures during their visit. We encourage you to visit the main website of the respective park/venue for current guidelines and requirements prior to your visit.

The following movie tickets are functional as vouchers, and are valid for one (1) movie showing per individual. Movie-ticket vouchers are not date, time, or movie-specific, and do not expire. Movie-ticket vouchers are not valid for special movie showings. The respective theater has the right to not accept movie ticket vouchers for specific movie releases.

Are you going to be in the Los Angeles area and looking to hit up a basketball game or concert? This guide will show you the best ways to get cheap Los Angeles Lakers tickets and how to purchase them.

Ticketmaster is the largest official ticket outlet in Canada and the United States for sports tickets. Every single team in every league has partnered with Ticketmaster to sell tickets to their games safely and securely.

One nice thing about Ticketmaster is that they also have third-party verified tickets available from season ticket holders. Season ticket holders can post their tickets directly to Ticketmaster for a small fee, who then sells them to fans who missed out on first-party tickets. This means you can be sure you are getting secure tickets. 041b061a72

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