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Hollywood Movie Lunch Affair Download In Hindi

At his job, Saajan is tasked with training his replacement Aslam Sheikh. Socially distant after his wife's death, Saajan is initially reluctant to interact with Sheikh and train him. After Sheikh reveals that he is an orphan who taught himself accounting, Saajan gradually warms to him; eventually the duo strike a close friendship. At one point, Saajan saves Shaikh's job by covering for his blatant mistakes and becomes his best man at his marriage. Meanwhile, after Ila finds out that Rajeev is having an affair, she gives up hope on rekindling her marriage. In one of the lunchbox letters, she suggests moving to Bhutan where the cost of living is much cheaper than in India. Saajan writes back suggesting that the two move there together. Ila then offers to meet in person at a popular restaurant but at the appointed time, Saajan does not show up. Upon receiving an empty lunchbox on the next day, Saajan writes back to the dejected Ila and apologises to her, saying that he did arrive and saw her from a distance but could not approach her. He explains how young and beautiful she looked, while surmising that he is too old for her and advising her to move on.

hollywood movie lunch affair download in hindi



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