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Hitman 3 Contracts Mod

Since you cannot create contracts directly yourself, write your exact idea + briefing into this thread. A fellow PC player might happen to create it for you. That player can also insert your username into the Author field. After that you two can proceed with the recreation process for your console.

Hitman 3 Contracts Mod

There are enough contracts out there which add all possible restrictions and complications. With this tool you can make even worse contracts. Please consider these suggestions to make generally better contracts:

Open the hitmancontracts.ini file (it's in the folder where the Hitman game files are) and add the following lines to it:ENABLECONSOLE 1ENABLECHEATS 1Then start the game and during gameplay press SHIFT + ESC. Change the cheat value from 0 (false) to 1 (true) to enable the cheat.

HITMAN 3 is the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy, taking players around the world on a globetrotting adventure to sprawling sandbox locations, with Agent 47 returning for the most important contracts of his career. Supported by his Agency handler, Diana Burnwood, Agent 47 joins forces with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey. Their ultimate mission is to eliminate the partners of Providence, but they are forced to adapt as their hunt intensifies. When the dust settles, 47 and the world he inhabits will never be the same again.

The best hitman mod I've seen in this website. It would be better if possible targets are expanded to the north or to the desert, not only to Los Santos. Also would be better if distributed as a dll file.

The World of Assassination trilogy added a host of new features to the Hitman franchise, and many of them were designed to grow Hitman's robust online community. The "Contracts" mode is one popular feature present in Hitman 1. It allows players to create custom assassination contracts on any NPCs in any levels from the most recent trilogy, and then challenge their friends to complete them the exact same way. It's yet another reason for players to keep coming back to the same levels over and over again.

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