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"Bonanza" The Quality Of Mercy(1963)

(b. 16 March 1916 in Joliet, Illinois; d. 2 March 2004 in La Jolla, California), radio, film, television, and stage actress with a distinctive, versatile vocal quality who became known for her portrayal of intense, often bitter and eccentric, emotionally charged women.

"Bonanza" The Quality of Mercy(1963)

The two years which followed electoral defeat in 1959 were loud with disputes about the proposal to drop the commitment to wholesale nationalisation embodied in Clause 4 of the Labour Party Constitution. Little attention was given to a further revision of party doctrine which was more tactfully carried through in those years. For the first time a sharp break was made between policies designed to revitalise the welfare State, and the more general determination, by taxation and other means, to lessen the degree of social class inequality in Britain. Previously in Labour philosophy, the issues of welfare and of social equality had always been seen as completely interdependent. Where else should the resources for better welfare services be found, except from redistributive taxation of the higher income groups? How could equality of medical treatment, or housing provision, or educational opportunity begin to be guaranteed, except by a more equal distribution of resources and status in the community at large? For 50 years or more, the answers to these questions seemed self-evident to practically everyone in the Labour Party.

The overall pattern is thus that the incidence of taxation is about the same for all groups, except that the very poor pay proportionately more tax than the average, and the highest income groups for which information is available pay rather less than average. Second, that a large part of the increasing inequality of the tax system has occurred since Labour came to power. 041b061a72

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