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Buying Jewelry For Wife

Nor can the value of jewelry be reduced to the cost of the materials. The purpose of jewelry design is not to layer on as much sparkle as a price point can take, any more than the goal of a song is to be as loud as possible with a given set of instruments.

buying jewelry for wife

Like other art, a piece of jewelry should have a coherent design; if it looks like the jeweler just slapped gems and metal together without anything much in mind, you should probably avoid it. However, this does not resolve the problem of distinguishing between good and bad designs. There is no avoiding this aesthetic problem, which is how to choose something tasteful within the constraints of her style and your budget.

Unfortunately, while good taste in jewelry can be developed (just as it can with art, food, wine, music and so on) it cannot be adequately conveyed in a set of propositions. You can find guides explaining how diamonds or pearls are graded, but there is no dispositive guide to good taste. Even money cannot buy good taste, although it can buy the services of those who possess it, provided the man with the money has enough sense to turn to them. Those of us without such wealth must rely on the guidance of acquaintances, salespeople, and our own best judgment.

There is no definitive standard of taste in jewelry, but there are guidelines that can help. For instance, even if it is being advertised during a football game, do not buy your wife jewelry that reminds you of a Super Bowl championship ring, unless she reminds you of a linebacker. Avoid anything that looks like a tiny, bejeweled model of Soviet architecture, and remember that rows of gems are often less striking than a few well-placed jewels.

Good taste will also value design and quality over maximizing the amount of bling for your buck. Creating beautiful jewelry is not about adding more and more gemstones and precious metal, but about implementing a good design.

Of course, even an affordable design from Tiffany is still comparatively expensive, so their successful designs are often imitated by the big jewelry chains. These jeweled doppelgangers may or may not be as good, but for many they are close enough, and they are much cheaper. The lesson here is not that a store like Tiffany is overpriced, or that the big chains are full of inferior imitations. Either or both may be true. Buy what you can afford and think she will like, wherever you find it.

The lesson is that good jewelry is about tasteful design and quality production, not cost or total carats. There is a lot of ugly, expensive jewelry out there, but it can be ignored if you are not entranced by gaudy displays. If you are going to give her jewelry this year, ignore what the commercials tell you, and focus on what will match her style, your budget, and your best judgment of what is elegant, tasteful, and fun.

Read on and see a simple step by step guide on how to choose the perfect jewelry to get for your wife. After getting a clear picture on what to purchase, go ahead and see our jewelry collections like Flora and Prima Donna to find a gift for any type of lady.

The first step to do is to know what jewelry she does like. To add an element of surprise, do not give her hints that you are planning to give her jewelry. Know which kinds of jewelry she loves by secretly looking at her jewelry collection, or by simply observing what she always wears to office or to casual gatherings with her friends.

Give her stainless steel jewelry if you think she needs a piece that is hypoallergenic and is low-maintenance. This type is durable and is resistant to tarnishing. It is also lustrous and very pleasing to the eye.

You may also get her gold jewelry. Gold comes in yellow, white, or rose. and is also resistant to tarnish, as well as rust and corrosion. It is also durable depending on its karat. Meanwhile, giving her silver jewelry can be a cost-effective move. Learn more about gold (particularly white gold) and sterling silver in our previous post How Can You Differentiate White Gold From Silver.

The next step is to decide if you are going to give her a simple jewelry piece or something that has studs or precious gems and stones on it. You may opt to choose her birthstone for a more personalized gift.

Finally, know her fashion sense. This way, you will know which jewelry style to pick for her. Does she like a classic style or is she more on wearing modern pieces? Is she fond of elaborate style or just simple ones?

Want to really blow her away with how thoughtful you are? Revisit some of the places you have traveled together. Maybe she admired a pretty charm bracelet or a strand of pearls. Dazzle her with a piece of jewelry that has a history. Another approach is hiring a jeweler to make a custom piece with some engraving or other personal detail.

Occasionally I meet a woman who loves jewelry and her husband just doesn't get it. I tell her, "show him your jewelry and tell him how much the pieces gifted to you by your parents, friends or whoever, (don't mention that old boyfriend jewelry) mean to you. Clearly tell him you'd love something special from him because it means more if it comes from him."

Make it easy for him. Make a jewelry wish list and keep it current. Then, you can tell him that secret agent Calla Gold has the encrypted "loved-jewelry" document under lock and key. All he has to do is call Calla Gold Jewelry Headquarters or your favorite local jeweler and your classified jewelry dreams will be revealed. If you'd like an engagement ring, fill out my quiz and give it to him, your mom and your best friend. Quiz for engagement ring desires.

After seeing that movie next Sunday, mosey on into a jewelry store you like and show him things you like. Some fellas need a very direct approach to change their habits from buying your fishing tackle to sparkly goodies.

Calla Gold is a Personal Jeweler and Author who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces. Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Calla also works with at-a-distance clients.

I think the biggest thing holding men back from buying jewelery is their lack of knowledge of the product as you suggested in #13. That being said I think Calla is doing an excellent job of educating the consumer especially through this Santa Barbara Jewelery blog which is a great resource. Thanks Calla!

Still, as crazy as it sounds, guys have been successfully buying engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry for their women throughout the ages. You can do it too, as long as you avoid the mistakes most often made by your jewelry buying brothers.

Yeah, right. And the Mona Lisa is just an oil painting. The truth is, no other gift on this planet comes with more hidden or implied meanings and expectations than jewelry. A nice piece of jewelry given too soon is a great way to kill a relationship. A cheap piece of jewelry given in a well-established relationship can mean you don't care.

One of the best ways to make a more informed buying decision is to observe the amount and type of jewelry she is already wearing. Does she wear bracelets, watches, necklaces, or earrings? Does she favor silver or gold or a little of both? Depending on your comfort level, you can also ask a female friend or family member what they think might be appropriate for the occasion.

If you love thin gold jewelry with a hint of flair, AMYO Jewelry is the brand to have on your radar. From duo-laced necklaces to linked chain bracelets, the sought-after accessory line will complement your chicest blazer and most flattering bodysuit.

My wife of 5 years has been friends with a single man for about 15 years. He lives in a different state, but they talk and message each other often. I have never met him and he seems like a decent guy, but I've always thought he may have some feelings for her. Also, she is very attractive and has a very successful occupation.

Recently, I found out that he is buying her a Cartier bracelet with a some of his bonus. He is not rich by any means, but he does ok. They had a conversation though texts and my wife was really excited. He sent her a picture of it from the store and she was giving him the size she would want it in.

From my perspective, I find it inappropriate for him to be doing this. I know, if I was a single I would never buy a married woman really expensive jewelry. To me, I think it would be disrespectful to her husband and simply inappropriate.

your wife should take 100% of the blame if she even thinks to accept a gift like this. she is a married woman, with a job, and should be buying jewelry for herself or letting you buy her some. totally inappropriate and she should know it. i don't believe they are more than friends - she wouldn't flaunt that so boldly imo, she's have accepted the gift(s) privately and had you discover it later. but i would suggest that you start taking better care of your wife... maybe he is hitting a soft spot with her (gifts?) and she'd be happier if you did the same. women (and men) get emotional needs fulfilled outside the relationship when the primary one is lacking, just saying

I really like nice jewelry and have been fortunate over the years to have been the recipient of it as gifts from people who care about me. I also have a wide and diverse group of friends , many of whom are men I have known for years and have always been close but platonic relationships. I should also maybe add here that some of them definitely have the means to buy whatever they want on a whim & have on occasion been nicely surprised by their generosity.

Frankly, as a married woman I would not be entertaining single male friends in that way and would most certainly not take a Cartier bracelet from one. WTF?! That's unheard of. And most normal men, even if wealthy, do not buy expensive jewelry for women they're not seeing or who aren't related to them. 041b061a72

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