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Comrade Deep Sea Redux

Ford o' Kabul RiverNot surprisingly, the death of a mate, a comrade in arms, is the subject of many of Kipling's soldier songs. The traditional tune used by Kipling is obvious because it draws directly on the unique phraseology and text repetition of "tramp. tramp, tramp, the boys are marching." Our friend, Peter Bellamy, felt that it did not sustain the intense, restrained anger of the text. We ended up agreeing with him. [The Barrack-Room Ballads]Vocals: Tony Barrand and John Roberts; Fiddle: Fred Breunig; Accordion: Andy Davis.

Comrade Deep Sea Redux

The LandKipling's deep, abiding passion for his native soil is suffused throughout his stories and poetry. It occurs most notably, I think, in the character of "Hob" who appears regularly in the Puck stories. This magnificent piece, in classic ballad form, was not included in those books. It is too complete a thought to be an adjunct to a story. The setting is Bellamy's.Vocal: Tony Barrand.

At least 2,000 years before the events of Splatoon, Turf Wars were established. The original Turf Wars were overseen by Judd, a cat that was cryogenically frozen by his human owner before the Earth was flooded. 100 years before the events of Splatoon, the Inklings and the Octarians engaged in a Great Turf War after otherwise having good relations, when rising sea levels caused disputes over the remaining territory. The young Cap'n Cuttlefish and his Inkling comrades were victorious, forcing the Octarians to retreat to desolate areas such as Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, and take up residence underground.

Casca (キャスカ, Kyasuka) was the only female member in the original Band of the Hawk and is behind only Griffith and Guts in swordsmanship. Her ambivalent relationship to both of them makes her moody and capricious. Casca joins the Hawks after Griffith empowers her to save herself from a sexual assault by a nobleman who bought her from her parents, and since that time harbors feelings towards Griffith which most of their comrades are aware of. While Casca was against Guts joining the Hawks, her hostility towards him gradually waned as she came to accept him as a comrade for saving her life multiple times while developing feelings for him. When Guts is preparing to leave the band, Casca attempts to convince him to stay, but to no avail. After Griffith is imprisoned, Casca becomes the leader of the Band of the Hawk, as they are forced to go into hiding, having been branded as outlaws by Midland. After Guts returns to aid them when they are under attack, Casca falsely blames Guts for Griffith's capture and then laments her perceived failures as a leader before attempting suicide. Guts saves her yet again and the two finally consummate their mutual feelings for one another, embarking on a rescue mission to recover Griffith the following day.

The rescue of Griffith is successful, but his broken spirit leads him to sacrifice the Hawks during the Eclipse. Casca is forced to watch their comrades being slaughtered before being violated by Griffith after his rebirth as Femto. The ordeal emotionally scarred Casca; her mind broke and mentally regressed to a childlike state while losing all her memories as a self-defense measure from the trauma. In addition to being branded with a sacrificial mark on her breast and thus becoming a target for fell creatures on a nightly basis, Casca prematurely gives birth to her child with Guts after it has been corrupted from Griffith's rape. Casca was entrusted to Godo's care. But Casca wandered off to St. Albion two years later, saved from Holy See fanatics by Guts as he attempts to protect her on his own despite the more dangerous spirits attracted by their brands in close proximity. Guts's attempt to protect Casca ultimately resulted in losing her trust when he attacked her while under the influence of his inner darkness. As Casca travels, completely oblivious to her surroundings, Guts and company keep a close watch over her. She has put herself in grave danger many times but Guts' group has yet to fail to come to her rescue and protect her. She seems to slowly be warming up to Guts again even coming to his side when he is unconscious to watch him. Casca's well-being is the driving force for Guts to keep himself from reverting to a revenge-obsessed wanderer. While outside Vritanis, the Skull Knight revealed that her mental state may be cured by the Elvish queen Hanafuku while cryptically warning Guts that "What [Casca] wishes for may not be what [Guts] wish[es] for". When Farnese and Schierke enter the world within Casca's mind as part of Hanafuku's ritual once they reach Elfhelm, the two realize that Casca did not want her mind restored as it would mean dealing with the pain from her ordeal in the Eclipse. But the two restore Casca anyway, with Farnese promising to help her cope with her pain. But Casca, still reluctant to be near Guts due to her traumatic ordeal, is abducted by Griffith.

Rickert (リッケルト, Rikkeruto) was the youngest member of the original Band of the Hawk and is one of its few surviving members, as he was not present at Griffith's rescue and the Eclipse event that followed. In the aftermath, left in the dark as to what truly happened, Rickert became an apprentice of the blacksmith Godo over the next two years while forging a sword in memory of his fallen comrades to serve as grave markers on a hill that is later called "The Hill of Swords". It is Rickert who tweaks Guts' armor and replaces his old crossbow with a repeating crossbow. When Guts confronts Griffith at the Hill of Swords, Rickert finally learns how the latter's act condemned Judeau, Pippin, and Corkus to horrible deaths while leaving Guts maimed and Casca mute and traumatized. In spite of this, Griffith offers Rickert a position in the new Band of the Hawk. After the death of Godo and the destruction of his mine by Zodd, Rickert travels with Godo's adopted granddaughter Erica to Falconia. There, despite recognizing Griffith's generosity and seeing the good he has been doing for the people, Rickert is unable to forgive him and declines his offer to join the New Band of the Hawk, telling him that the Griffith he once followed is dead. He is then attacked by Rakshas on the orders of either Griffith or Locus, though he is saved by the timely arrival of Silat and his bodyguards. In the anime, possibly due to English errors, Rickert's name is given as "Ricket", lacking the "R", and is addressed as such in the show.

Gaston (ガストン, Gasuton) was the second in command of Gut's raiders in the Band of the Hawk. He was usually seen by the side of Guts whom he showed deep respect for, both as a commanding officer and friend. During the battle for a Tudor stronghold, Gaston attempted to hold back Guts due to the immense power of Zodd, resulting in Guts threatening to kill Gaston. Despite this, Gaston was the first to aid Guts after his defeat by Zodd. Gaston would eventually leave the Band of the Hawk soon after the battle for Doldrey to pursue his dream of opening a clothing shop in Wyndham using the earnings he saved up as a mercenary. He would later abandon his store to rejoin the band when word got around of their exile, revealing to Guts that it was his obligation to return as the raiders were family to him. Just before the Eclipse, he and the other raiders requested to join Guts in his travels across the land now that the band is not in a state to continue as it once was. During the Eclipse he is the last member of the band to die having been found by Guts in a severely injured state before a demon bursts from within his skull, killing him instantly. In the film trilogy, his demise is instead shown off-screen with a traumatized Guts finding what remains of his corpse.

Serpico (セルピコ, Serupiko) is Farnese's companion and unbeknownst to her, her paternal half-brother. During his time with the Holy See, Serpico was Herald for the Holy Iron Chain Knights. When aggressive, Serpico belies his meek appearance and is comparable to a fox due to his shrewd observation and speed with a rapier. Despite Farnese's childhood abuse and her forcing him to burn his own mother at the stake, he cares deeply for his half-sister. Serpico was her servant since she found him beaten on a snowy street over a decade ago. Serpico's relationship with Guts has forever been plagued with animosity, due in large part to the dangers that inevitably surround Guts and anyone he takes into his Band. After a duel with Guts in the underground pillars of Vritannis, Guts spared his life. Their bond rekindled, and Serpico has since learned to trust Guts to protect her when he can not. Serpico uses two items blessed by the wind spirit Sylph in order to battle with tolerance alongside Guts: a rapier that can generate razor sharp gusts of wind; and a cloak that constantly generates a swirling vortex around its wearer which can deflect projectiles, assist in jumping, and slow falls from great heights.

Azan (アザン, Azan) is a former member of the Holy Iron Chain Knights who served as Farnese's second-in-command. He was named to this position because Farnese was not considered to be sufficiently experienced to lead without supervision. Azan appeared as a round, bald and bearded middle-aged man who conformed to the old-fashioned rules of a knight. Although possessing a hardened demeanor, he still managed to question the Holy See's appalling methods of dealing with supposed heretics. Effectively wielding a metal quarterstaff, he has shown great skill with it in combat against Guts and various other abnormally skilled or strong fighters. He also follows an uncompromising code of "honor", as seen when his fellow Holy Iron Chain Knights wanted to take revenge on an incapacitated Guts for killing their comrades, where Azan forbids them, stating that he was justified in the context of battle and their poor sword-fighting skills were instead a disgrace. 041b061a72

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