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Secret Video Recorder Pro Mod ^HOT^

Advanced Features:- no ads- cycle recording- storing recorded files on external storage (micro sd).- scheduling for following video recording- disable/enable camera shutter sound (see know issues section)- disable/enable test notifications- checking battery level- checking available storage+More options.There are 2 icon for the application.One of them just for one click start/stop recording another one for menu navigation.Simple navigation to menu and just one click to Enable over button or over menu.The application is designed for a wide range of mobile devices with the simplification of exterior styling and additional settings.Recording is activated by the user and then stop recording at any desired moment.Possibility to schedule your video recording.Just add time to activate action in seconds.There is possibility to define duration of recorded video.You can disable notification if you desired silent recording without any notification (except system notifications).You can enable/disable camera shutter sound if you desired silent recording without any sound of camera shutter.You will be able to select resolution of recorded video (please be informed that resolution depends of camera's supported features).Technical options are simplified to a minimum, but can be modified in the future at a certain number of users desires.There are necessary options for recording phone conversations while video recording if it's support by device (due to technical limitation of some device models).Opportunity of using to non Rooted devices.After installation please try to adjust the best recording quality with additional options specified in submenu:-select video source-select video encoder-select video bit-rate

Secret Video Recorder Pro Mod

Known issues:-Video recording from Front face camera might be mirrored due to technical limitations on some devices. You can rotate image on the video player more easily.-Camera shutter sound might be not disabled due to system sounds restriction of vendor on some devices.

Secret Video Recorder Pro Apk v3.2.6 Best Hidden Video Recorder App APK free download state-of-the-art version for android. Secret video recorder Pro without ads and full features! The secret video recorder does background recording, NO preview, so you can use your phone as usual. NO ONE can tell you are recording video with just one touch for instant, schedule, SMS, or auto recording. I hope you are looking for Neon Chrome APK For Android Free Download.

[Main Feature]+ Record video in background+ Trim video after record+ Enable/disable preview view+ Enable/disable no shutter sound+ Support Night mode make quality better(Camera color effect)+ Support auto white balance with many option+ Support backup to Google Drive after recording+ Schedule to record video at specific time+ Support change icon of widget+ Support back and front camera+ Easy choose storage location save video with Folder picker+ Unlimited video duration. Easy set time duration which do you want+ Support auto stop recording when device storage low+ Many option for video resolution(HD-720p, Full HD-1080p, 480p...)+ Support security make app safer while use+ Beautiful user interface with material design

Record your videos silently and easily at any time you desire.+ Cycle Recording+ Storage of files recorded on external storage (micro sd).+ Programming for the next video recording+ Deactivate / activate the shutter sound of the camera (see section know the questions)+ Disable / enable test notifications+ Battery level control

This is a pro version of Secret Video Recorder without ads. Please try the free version to make sure your device is compatible. Secret Spy Video Recorder. No camera My shutter sound. No preview. With touch recording, schedule recording, SMS recording or automatic recording. Resume recording when HD video screen is off. The passcode supports automatic on-screen recording when someone tries to access your phone. Many useful functions. Secret Video Recorder takes background recordings so you can use your phone normally and no one will tell you that you are recording videos.

This is a secret video recorder which has a hidden camera recorder for professional recording. It is the best android app for hidden mobile recorder available in the market. This has automatic background video and one touch recording.It support front, back camera and unlimited number of video duration.In this app it is ability for users if you are not sure about resolution than you can choose high and low resolution.Altogether this application is very workable for users. All in all this application is very useful and you will find it very helpful in your work.

As explained earlier, closed captions in a video can be enabled or disabled as required, and can even be formatted for improved visibility or to match the theme of the video. Closed captions for a video are saved in an independent file, typically with the *.srt extension.

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